Our Services

We specialize in all servicing:

  • We carry out all brake repairs and machining in house.
  • Clutch repairs and replacements on cars and 4WDs.
  • Suspension repairs and replacements plus modifications.
  • Exhaust repairs and replacements.
  • Cooling system repairs, replacements and cleaning out.
  • Transmission servicing and repairs.
  • Timing belt replacements to all vehicles.
  • We carry out air conditioning service and repairs.
  • Fuel injector servicing and repairs with the latest equipment.
  • All your diagnosis repairs.
  • Scan testing on all those warning lights that come on your dash with our scan tester.
  • We are a licensed vehicle tester for all your roadworthy needs and pre purchase requirements.
  • We stock and repair and replace tyres – MAXXIS and GOODRIDE TYRES.
  • We are fully insured.
  • We carry out all servicing and repairs on your 4 W D.
  • We also perform all work on older and classic cars.

Our Work Gallery

    Our Services

    • Major, minor and log book services.
    • Brake Repairs, Machining and replacements.
    • Electronic scan testing and code checking.
    • Clutch repairs and replacements.
    • Fuel system repairs and cleaning of fuel injectors.
    • Exhaust repairs and replacements.
    • Transmission servicing and repairs.
    • Cooling system repairs.
    • Timing belt replacements.
    • Suspension repairs and replacement.
    • Road Worthy Certificates.
    • Pre Purchase Inspections.
    • All your tyre needs.

    Contact Us

    2/4 Joseph St
    Blackburn North, VIC 3130
    Ph: 03 9890 5844
    Fax: 03 9890 5134
    E-Mail: dscworkshop@bigpond.com